“...I came to you a week and a half ago with a lesion in my mouth that turned out to be a callous and not the Big C. I just wanted to tell you that your manner was the most comforting, gentlest and human I have ever experienced with an oral surgeon. You quieted my huge fear on the very first day that I saw you. I will recommend you whole-heartedly to anyone who asks me about a good oral surgeon.” — A. L.

“Dr. Schwartz is the best. I have had work done by him over the span of 20 years. I will not go to any other dentist or oral surgeon. No, I am not a relative or friend. I am a real patient. Having implants done now.” — L.

“Thank you so much for your kindness. I was a nervous wreck and you and your awesome staff calmed my nerves. I did not feel a thing. It truly was a breeze.” — C.

“Thank you so much for your professional and painless service. I appreciate your generosity and your taking me on as a patient. I feel much better knowing my roots were in good hands.” — K.

“I must take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful treatment I received at your office when I was in such severe pain. I was impressed with not only your professionalism, but also the compassion you treated me with. After the extraction, I never had a moment of pain. You are great!” — R.

“I just wanted to thank you very much. You’re a wonderful doctor. You made me feel very comfortable because of the way you explained everything you were doing and I appreciated it. You made an awful experience a pleasant one.” — T.

“Thanks for saving my smile.” — K.

“Thank you for taking care of my teeth. I saw the hole in my tooth after you took it out. It was huge! It was hurting a little before you pulled it. I’m glad it is not hurting anymore. …My dad says that you have helped him many, many times. How many teeth did you pull for my Dad?” — J.

“Thank you so much for making my wisdom teeth removal pain-free” — S.

“I want to thank you for being so nice and caring. You are the best surgeon ever! I was so nervous taking all four of my wisdom teeth out, but you made everything comfortable I didn't have any pain. Isn't that amazing, four teeth and no pain. You're great! Too nice! I wish there was a better way to say thank you…a way that would truly express just how much your kindness & skills meant! From the girl who was giving you a thumbs up when my nose was itchy.” — C.

“I never thought I would be thanking a dentist, but I am. The thought of having my wisdom teeth removed truly frightened me. I had no idea what to expect, but you prepared me and called to check on me. The experience was not the hell I expected in the least bit. Thank you all for making me feel comfortable and safe in of all places, the dentist's office. Thanks so much! ” — J.

“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you. You took wonderful care of my son. Your expertise and compassion are equally appreciated. You are a fine doctor.” — S.

“I just had to comment on your professionalism and concern during my recent surgery. It is not often that I find it necessary to do this, because of the lack of concern shown by the medical profession (both nurses and doctors). However, you are extraordinary and you can be assured that you will be highly recommended. Thanks again.” — Dr. E. M.

“I am happy that my implant work is a success and I want to thank you for your patience and consideration of my concerns. Your assistant had a most caring attitude and that was very helpful. Please thank her for me.” — Z.

“From an old "scare-d-cat" like me to a dentist who made me feel at ease by his understanding, kindness and mostly by his professionalism, I truly say thank you.” — Mrs. F.

“I wish to extend to you and your staff my appreciation for more than ten years of professional dental care. There are many dentists in N.Y.C., but for me, you are the most competent and skilled dentist in town...” — N.

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